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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Buchner, Ashley 1st Grade Teacher  
Goard, Chelsea 1st Grade Teacher  
Livesay, Laura 1st Grade Teacher  
Bond, Debra 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Bond's Web Site 
Putt, Heather 2nd Grade Teacher  
Rodgers, Melissa 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Rodger's Web Site 
Keilman, Macy 3rd Grade Teacher  
Perry, Beth 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs. Perry's Web Site 
Roth, Brittani 3rd Grade Teacher Ms. Roth's Web Site 
Booth, Ace 4th Grade Teacher  
Rodgers, Ryan 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Rodger's Web Site 
Stouffer, Stephen 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Stouffer's Web Site 
Beyeler, Victoria 5th Grade Teacher  
Geddes, Jolene 5th Grade Teacher  
Keith, Heather 5th Grade Teacher  
Bennett, Andrea 6th Grade Teacher  
Harrington, Laura 6th Grade Teacher Mrs. Harrington's Web Site 
Kohn, Adam 6th Grade Teacher  
Simmons, Chris Art Teacher  
Puha, Ruben Band/Strings Teacher  
 CCK Paraprofessional   
 CCK Paraprofessional   
Heng, Alice CCK Teacher  
 Crossing Guard   
Contreras, Norma Crossing Guard  
Duffy, Stephen Custodian  
Gammage, Anthony Custodian  
LIndquist, Chase Custodian  
Mada, Naomi ELL Testing  
O'Neil, Michael Facility Manager michael.o'  
 Food Services   
Barraza, Atilana Food Services  
Warney, Joyce Food Services  
Ortega-Sanchez, Marison Food Services Manager  
Churruca, Sophie GLC Teacher Mrs. Churruca's Web Site 
Deremo, Lee GLC Teacher Mr. Deremo's Web Site 
Morgan, Kerry GLC Teacher  
Houvener, Allison Head Start Teacher  
Warr, Heather Health Technician  
Campbell, Elizabeth HS Paraprofessional  
Schaefer, Kimberly HS Paraprofessional  
Sheets, Dennis KidSpace  
Shelton, Kathy KidSpace  
Whitten, April KidSpace  
Grass, Tiffany Kindergarten Teacher  
Roddy, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher  
Tait, Charlotte Kindergarten Teacher  
Wooten-Jones, Sheila Library Technician Library Website 
Meyer, Laura Music Teacher Mrs. Meyer's Web Site 
Bence, Robin Office Manager  
Beltran, Carol Office Technician  
Dahdal, Doreen Office Technician  
Bitinis, Janis Paraprofessional  
Harrison, Jay Physical Education Teacher  
Menendez, Deborah Principal  
Byrn, Kerrie Program Coach  
Blank, Robin Project Potential Teacher  
Gottschlich, Nora Reading Intervention Specialist  
Hernandez, Adrian Resource Teacher  
Walker, Susie RTC  
Lee, Anna SLP Resource  
Fuentes, Maria SNPS Assistant  
Norell, Martha SNPS Assistant  
Bauer, Bethany SNPS Teacher  
Fiore, Laurel Social Worker Mrs. Fiore's Web Site 
Siskind, Abigail Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Ms. Siskind's Web Site 
Messina, Angela Student Services Specialist  
Dolly Bacher Title 1 Paraprofessional  
Sivakumar, Sunitha Title 1 Paraprofessional  
Showing 73 items