Additional Teacher Resources

Learn 360 allows teachers to access high quality video resources for use in the classroom. Teachers can also set up assignments for classes and students which include quizzes or other interactive media.

Access Directions: In order to use the resources, each teacher/staff member must create a user account using a school-specific passkey. You can email Marguerite Dimiceli in Tech Training for the link or the pass code.

Newsletter! Once you get an account you can receive the Learn 360 Monthly Newsletter that highlights timely content, webinars and new features. 

Culture Grams

Culture Grams provides resources about our own states and different countries around the world. 

Access Information: The user name and the password are the same and will be the name of your school.

NewsELA is a collection of nonfiction current event articles that can be viewed at 5 different lexile levels! There are quizzes available as well as settings for Elementary Students. You will need to create an account in order to view the entire articles as well as to create classes.

Access Directions: After opening the site, you can create your own user account. You can also choose the NewsELA for Elementary students which will pull up more age appropriate content for our younger students.